Photo Gallery: Snow Day

On Feb. 20, school was canceled due to the snow that fell through the night on Feb 19. Students enjoyed the day off by playing in the snow. The images are of students playing in the snow on Fort Lee….


Truth Uncovered From Spice Myth

Spice usage creates a sense of calmness and increased creativity but nausea and amnesia are common after effects. Due to legislation, the drug is now illegal in the United States. Photo by Alison Brown By Jake McQuiggan Artificial marijuana, or…


Actor Joe Wiegand Brings President Roosevelt To Life

Roosevelt (portrayed by actor Joe Wiegand) has a mission to educate and inform history students about his life and tasks he accomplished as president. Students enjoyed his visit because it helped them realize the hardships and challenges of being the president.


New Gym Offers Business Competition

Gold’s Gym opened in a new location on Dec. 31. The business offers new competition for American Family Fitness, which was already established in Colonial Heights. By Whitney Clements Gold’s Gym opened in Colonial Heights on Dec. 31, 2011. Many…


Academic Challenge Wins Consecutive Central District Scholastic Bowl

No, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is not the Mark Twain novel that involves a boy on a raft, with a runaway slave, but the Academic Challenge team didn’t need that point to repeat as Central District Champions on Thurs., Jan. 19th, at Thomas Dale High School. They scored enough with the rest of their answers to easily defeat the competition by no fewer than 100 points in all but one of the head-to-head rounds.