Hello Royals, I’m Matt Reed and this is our new podcast called the Royal Life. Today we are here with Neil Marks where we ask him six questions about his SAT experience. Reed: Question #1: How did you prepare for…

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As Katie Helm walks into the auditorium with her audition song in head, she imagines herself on stage, on opening day, as Wednesday Addams. This year’s spring play…

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As new applications come out in the application store daily, there is a new study application for the SAT. College Board has partnered with the online education company…

Spring Fling 2015

Children pull their parents through the halls, faces painted in multicolored images. Choirs sing songs filled with the joy of the new season. Carefully painted artwork lines the…

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Being a senior in high school comes with many perks and advantages from being able to leave for lunch three minutes early to having the option of early…


On February 2nd, 2017, a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil will pop it’s head out of his home in Staten Island, predicting whether this winter will be lengthy. The…