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Communicating Love For Others

Love languages are the primary ways in which individuals show their affection for another. Knowing what one’s own love language is and that of their significant other can allow for couples to better show their affection to one another. Below are descriptions of each love language:

Physical Touch – People with this love language enjoy hugs, kisses, pats on the back, and touches on the face and arms. Physical touch for this person lets them feel loved and lets them know that others are thinking of them.

Quality Time – This person enjoys having their significant other’s undivided attention. Rather than going out to a movie, this person would often prefer a walk on the beach or through the park. Time spent with each other trumps anything else that could be done for this person.

Gift Giving – This person is not necessarily materialistic, but appreciates the effort and time put behind gifts from their partner.  A person with this love language values the tangible gift that shows they are loved.

Acts of Service – This person feels most valued when their significant other does something to help ease a burden. For example, having a chore done or getting help with work/homework speaks volumes of love to this person.

Words of Affirmation – A person with a primary love language of words of affirmation feels loved when they are told they are loved. They appreciate the quick compliments that let them feel valued. 

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