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My Favorite Month Of The Year


It’s Black History Month, my favorite month of the year!

To be honest, I don’t think I have ever been this excited for the celebration of this man. I was always happy, but not as joyous as I am now. Since my move from Europe to America, I have learned to embrace my dark skin tone, my culture, my background… essentially accepting myself. And looking around this school and community, I see African Americans who love their culture and aren’t afraid to show it, despite those who surround them deciding to belittle their pride. So you can understand why I would be irritated hearing people say “black history month should be cancelled.” 

Sometime this week, I came across an article from “The Morning Call” asserting that Black History Month should be cancelled because it segregates the celebration of black history into a separate month in which permits an increase in diversity in the political, social, and economic realms of America. 

Although the article argued a good case, with good set of facts. America does have a problem with celebrating black lives in a positive way, America does lack diversity in newsrooms, classrooms, etc. But I do have to disagree that the month as a whole needs to be abolished, that’s outrageous. 

Not only that, but Black History month is so important to remind those around us that like Ms. Maya Angelou once said, we will always rise.  

I can go on and on and on, but I’m sure you could get what I mean. Black History Month needs to stay and we ALL need to celebrate it in love and embrace the black community every month of the year. 

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