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Fans Should Return To Stands With Precautions

Illustration by Annabelle Starr.

As of this week, high schools in surrounding areas have decided to cancel this year’s sports despite Virginia High School League (VHSL) clearance, due to its heightened chances of increased COVID-19 numbers in their districts.

Many of our teams have begun training for the season within COVID-19 guidelines, and suggestions posted by VHSL pertaining to the sanitation of equipment and social distancing of players, but they offer little to no guidance on how to conduct events. With the rise of coronavirus cases in surrounding areas, many are wondering how the games will function in the pandemic.

The CDC recommendation is “rather than focusing on an ideal number, emphasis should be placed on the ability to reduce and limit contact between people.”

Under this recommendation parties from different households should practice social distancing, and if you are shouting or performing any robust verbal actions, or are around others who are performing these actions, you should wear a face covering to potentially protect you from transferring particles.

Ultimately, if people are going to be allowed in the stands our athletic department will have to come up with a plan. First they will have to control the number of people coming to the games and maintain social distancing in the waiting lines, then once they enter, they’ll have to enforce a social distancing.

If concessions are going to be sold, they’ll have to have socially distanced lines and guidelines about mask removal.
Having fans in the stands plays a crucial role in encouraging the players to do their best, and shows school spirit. If Prince George High School can put systems in place to allow students and the community to support our players, while following CDC recommendations, then we should allow “fans in the stands.”

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