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Podcast: Two Minute Drill With Wide Receiver Tavian Morris


Friday night lights are normal for high school football, but the Royals have played two games on Thursday this year. Carter Marks sits down with junior wide receiver Tavian Morris as they discuss how their season hangs in the balance tonight against Matoaca.


CM: Hello, my name is Carter Marks. I’m here with wide receiver Tavian Morris. This is the 2-minute drill. Having such a big win this past week take me through the emotions in a locker room following that game.

TM: I mean it felt really great and I really was happy about it.

CM: With four receptions for 140 yards what was clicking between you and quarterback Sa’Quon Harrison?

TM: It was that bond between me and the quarterback. Perfect practice makes perfect.

CM: What has to be done tonight against Matoaca to clinch a spot in the playoffs?

TM: All of us got to execute on offense and defense and do our jobs.

CM: Considering the team hasn’t made the playoffs in more than two decades how bad do you guys want the win and what have you been doing this week in practice to make it happen?

TM: All we did was execute our plays, and work on our coverage on defense. And we really want this win really bad.

CM: That was wide receiver Tavian Morris and that was the 2-minute drill.

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