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High School Attendance Now Counts Towards Accreditation

Cartoon by Claudia King.

As September passes and October comes around, students start to adjust and get into the regular swing of the school year. And as the year continues, attendance rates start to plummet.

Most students only have the occasional sick day, coming to school an adequate number of days to graduate in June. But for some students, attendance is a real issue.

If enough students miss enough school, the school’s attendance rate falls. If the number goes too low, it can jeopardize the high school’s chances at full accreditation.

As the number of absences rises, the consequences intensify, and quickly. With as little as five unexcused absences, plans and conferences are made to get students back on track. At seven unexcused absences, students risk having to go to court. The missed days build up quickly, and before you know it, you have a pile of missed work in your bag and a court summons in your hand.

Your attendance also determines whether you have to take your final exams or not. For non-SOL courses, missing 8 days over the course of the year or having 5 tardies guarantees a test packet being printed for you in the final week of school.

Sometimes, you might have to miss school, and that is understandable. But you could also be missing a critical day over something as small as not doing your homework if you make that choice.

Students do get sick, and viruses spread across the school. People pass away, people get sick. These absences, when excused, do not come with consequences for the student.

Let’s make high school count. This is our year- let’s not miss out over something silly.

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