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Rampage Movie Review


Rampage is rated PG-13 and is classified as a fantasy/ Si-Fi movie. The movie is about Davis Okoye (portrayed by Dwayne Johnson) teaming up with Dr. Kate Caldwell (portrayed by Naomie Harris) to try to defeat genetically mutated animals before they destroy the city of Chicago.

The movie Rampage centers around a primatologist, Davis Okoye, and his strong connection to an Albino gorilla named George. Davis saved George while George was young. Throughout the years of Davis caring for George, they grow a strong bond and even communicate using American Sign Language.

This gentle animal quickly turns into a man-eating giant monster. This change was caused when a top secret project being experimented in space goes wrong. The project was created by Enegyne. The owners of this project are Claire and Brett Wyden (Claire being portrayed by Malin Akerman and Brett portrayed by Jake Lacy

The project was taken into space to keep the project even more hidden. In the spacecraft, scientists tested this serum on a rat. The rat quickly grew and became vicious. One of the living remaining scientists was told to return back to earth with the serum so more samples can be made. As the scientist was making the escape with the serum, the ship explodes projecting the serum down to earth infecting 3 animals: an albino gorilla, a wolf, and an alligator.

This project was designed to take the best trait of certain animals to create this indestructible monster. This serum has taken the growth rate of a killer whale, the speed from a cheetah, and the durability of a Dung Beetle.  This combination of traits turned these infected animals into mad man-eating monsters who are practically immune to any type of bullet and bomb. 

Eventually, an antidote was given to George who helps Davis take down the creatures.

The movie is very fast paced and quick to establish the character of George. The actual fighting scenes in the movie were very well created and entertaining to watch. The movie was quite predictable but still very entertaining. The movie has some hilarious scenes along with some terrifying scenes. Watching the movie in 3D just made the movie more engaging to the audience.

I give the movie a 4.7/5.


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