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DECA Fashion Show Filled With ‘Paparazzi’


As the lights begin to fade and the music starts to play throughout the auditorium, the 2018 annual fashion show begins. As smooth as the show ran, it is easy to imagine all the hard work that was put into the production.

“The fashion show was really good and we had a lot of fun. A whole lot of hard work went into it so hopefully everyone enjoyed it,” senior Isaiah Larkin said.

With 48 models and dancers, 24 back stage crew members (including lighting, music and photographers), 2 choreographers, and 14 scenes, everyone worked long hours to make sure the show ran accordingly.

The 2018 annual fashion show took place on Friday, March 23rd. Prior to the doors opening at 7:00 PM, cast and crew members stayed after school to run through the scenes and practice a bit before the show took place.

Fashion Show from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

“We had to bring in all of our clothes for all the scenes and then, of course, we reversed the whole fashion show before everyone came, all the dress rehearsals and all the dancing so then when it was time to go we were ready,” Larkin said.

Every year, the fashion show will have more of an impact on the senior participants than the underclassmen.

“My favorite scene was Finesse because it was the last song and the most energetic. And it was right after the senior scene so we were all ready for it,” Larkin said.

Every year, a special song is dedicated for the seniors. In this scene, seniors are to wear what they wanted to do after high school or where they wanted to go to college.

“With it being my last year, this year’s fashion show meant a lot to me because I will never be able to do it again,” Larkin said.


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