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Mario Odyssey Hits The Mark


Super Mario Odyssey is an open 3D platformer with much to offer. This is Nintendo’s best seller yet, with its vast amount of levels and more.

The game starts out the same as any other Mario game, Bowser captures Princess Peach and Mario goes on a journey to save the beloved Princess.
On his journey to save Peach, you play as Mario and he meets a magical hat called Cappy who needs Mario’s help to save his sister from Bowser as well. Cappy joins forces with Mario by becoming his red hat and the two set off.

Cappy is the newest feature in the game that makes it shine. Cappy activates when you throw him at an object, then which you can control. Instead of playing just as Mario, you can now play as objects such as tanks, goombas, chain-chomps, frogs, trees, rocks and more.

The level design in the game is jaw-dropping, with its creativity and uniqueness in each level which should be appreciated.

No single level feels or looks the same at all as each level has a different theme to it. One level you could be playing through a hazardous jungle and in the next level you could be playing in a foggy snowy mountain or an urban city.

Some levels have a nostalgia to it as the game also includes 2D sections where you can play as 2D Mario.

In order to go to from a level to the next you will need to collect Power Moons. Power moons are used to power the airship which is called the Odyssey to take you to different levels. There are a lot of Power Moons throughout each level, some in places you may never think to find them in.
When you finish the quest saving Peach, the game doesn’t end there. The game has more levels to play which will never bore you.

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