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Prom 2016 Goes Hollywood


Limos, party buses, and freshly detailed cars pulled into the Old Towne Civic Center on Saturday, April 30th for Prom 2016. The highly anticipated new location was a success despite the continued threat of rain. Students were able to enjoy the larger venue and the outdoor courtyard.

The venue glowed with strands of lights that adorned the main dance area and a giant set of balloons spelling out “Hollywood” lined the stage. The prom king and queen were named just before 10 PM.

Prom King 2016 was senior Jackson Rivera and Prom Queen 2016 was senior Alisha Brown.

In addition to the naming of the king and queen, a special crowning took place for the prom sponsor teacher Carol Bolyard, who will be passing the torch officially to teacher Kasi Roberts this year. Bolyard has sponsored the prom for the past 20 years and worked with Roberts this year to make everything a success.

In addition to the lights and music, students enjoyed the opportunity for photos in front of the step and repeat just outside. Professional photographers were on hand to take portraits of couples as well.

Students danced until midnight when the event concluded. Before taking off, students signed out with Google forms on iPads so that the school could keep up with where students might be located for safety reasons.

Photos by sophomores Wessam Hazaymeh and Aaliyah Capers.

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