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Political Editorial: CIA Information Report Leaked

President Barack Obama addresses the nation regarding the ISIS terrorist threat. Photo courtesy of
President Barack Obama addresses the nation regarding the ISIS terrorist threat. Photo courtesy of

In a final stand to put any positivity of the George W. Bush administration to the grave, the Democrat-controlled Senate released a report on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, on what occurred at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp for prisoners affiliated with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The roughly 500-page report details the supposed torturing of Al Qaeda detainees in facilities in both Europe and Asia. President Obama stated that America, as a world superpower, has an obligation to stand up for its mistakes.

“We will rely on all elements of our national power, including the power and example of our founding ideals. That is why I have consistently supported the declassification of today’s report. No nation is perfect,” Obama said. “But one of the strengths that makes America exceptional is our willingness to openly confront our past, face our imperfections, make changes and do better.”

This overall sounds like a decent enough plan – release the statement, let the world know of our mistakes and show that we aren’t above the law, and suffer the consequences. In reality though,
America is currently in the middle of dealing with ISIS in the Middle East, and these allegations could only add more inspiration to the already terrifying Jihad movement (a crusade started by certain sects of the Islam faith that includes waging Holy Wars).

Countless Republicans are outraged at this because they believe it will only infuriate the radicals more and put American lives in danger. In my opinion, I understand the decision to come clean about our mistakes, but we have to make decisions for the safety of all our citizens.

Justice is essential for all world citizens, but justice for Americans has to be our first priority. Giving justice to the terrorists who may have been affiliated with the 9/11 terrorist attack
should not be a major concern going forward until after this conflict in the Middle East has been resolved.

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