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Is Facial Hair The New Norm In Society?

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As  “No-Shave November” is in full swing, the continuous debate surfaces on whether or not men are better looking with facial hair. Other questions rise such as which styles are the best, does this apply to only certain types of men, and is a clean shave better in some cases?

Pro: By Sarah Daniel

As November has arrived, many males will and are participating in “No Shave November,” meaning they will not shave for the entire month of November to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other men’s cancers. During this month, men will grow beards, mustaches, and other styles of facial hair.

A study done by the University of New South Wales in Australia, revealed that “women rated men with heavy stubble as significantly more desirable than those with bare faces, light stubble or full beards.”

Men with clean and groomed facial hair are significantly more attractive to women than men with clean-shaven faces. This idea may be due to the impression facial hair gives of maturity, dominance, masculinity, and strength. Many women see facial hair as an indication of a working man or a family man, which, for women, are both extremely attractive qualities in men.

Researchers of the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre at the University of New South Wales found that the “10-day scruff” is the most attractive stage of facial hair. In other words, women prefer a median, instead of no hair or a full-grown beard.  Furthermore, the styles of facial hair that men choose vary greatly. The most popular styles include the following: the “five o’clock shadow,” the “short beard,” a “Jesus beard,” the “goatee,” the “handlebar mustache,” the “Imperial mustache,” the “English mustache,” and many others, the most attractive being the “five o’clock shadow.”

In addition to the obvious attractiveness of facial hair, women also find men that are willing to support a certain cause as desirable.

Men with facial hair are obviously, according to the various studies done, more attractive to the majority of women and men. These men with facial hair, especially the “five o’clock shadow” or “10-day scruff”, will find themselves as more eligible bachelors than men with clean-shaven faces.

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