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Education Is Pivotal In A Growing Modern Society


Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 5.19.10 PMEducation in a modern society is hands down the most essential tool we have in regards to fighting poverty, crime, and overall ignorance.

America, a country that is as diverse as the people living here, has fallen flat when it comes to educating and leading our youth. Our education system is broken, stale, and in my opinion obsolete.

When kids are first old enough to start school, we send them off to learn the alphabet, reading, writing, etc. and we teach them that school and learning together is enjoyable. So, with that being said, why is it that kids lose that exact same enthusiasm as they progress through the system?

One reason, among many, is that many teachers lose their “spunk” to teach, and for good reason. Teachers are so held back by strict curriculums and the stress of meeting test quotas, that they forget their true reason they wanted to be a teacher. So I ask that the state board of education loosen their grip on teachers and let them put those degrees in action.

The next but far from last reason is a lack of leadership when it comes to budgeting and how the money is being spent. Don’t think for a second that there isn’t enough money to pay teachers better, because there is, but it gets spent on unessential items and teachers end up leaving their dream profession for a better job. What child gets excited to learn when they feel like they aren’t even worth doors and locks on bathroom stalls? With that, I challenge our board of education officials to use their minds when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars and give our teachers a raise and our schools a makeover.

Lastly, education is simply beautiful and is the key to giving our nation a fighting voice again. We must never forget that with knowledge comes power, and with such power comes opportunity at a better life for all. .

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