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School Lunches Show Increased Government Power

As the federal government grows larger and more prominent in today’s society, the liberal top- to-bottom form of legislation has a number of issues on its plate ranging from national defense to school lunches.

Michelle Obama, wife and First Lady of President Barack Obama, has made it her mission to put the nation on a diet by starting the “Let’s Move!” campaign. Obama has practiced this in her own daily life by planting the White House Kitchen Garden, the first since Eleanor Roosevelt, and making organic food a part of her family’s meals.

Along with her own life, Obama has agreed with legislation that puts a limit on the amount of calories that can be put in and consumed by students who purchase school lunch.

While there is no doubt that we need limits as the rate of obesity increases across the country, is the best option a one-size fits all sort of law?

Each county, city, and even state is different from the next. This is why it only makes sense we put this decision in the hands of people who are closer to the students. Whether this means district superintendents, city council, county officials, or even state representatives, they need to be the ones who control the balance of nutrition going to the students. Having these local officials who know the students and the area better, allow the law to fit better around the area’s circumstances.

This form of bottoms-up legislation is effective and provides more accurate and precise results in the form of fighting obesity. Parents also will feel better knowing that the people who handle this are around the area, and not in Washington, D.C.

The federal government has a huge purpose in our lives, but in certain times it needs to just get off our backs and let local and state governments do their job.

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