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This I Believe: People Enter Our Lives For A Reason
Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.12.46 AMI believe that the people that come into our lives have come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes those people are lessons and sometimes they’re blessings. Whether you think that those people changed you for the good, the bad, or did not change a thing about you, they will forever be a part of your life’s story.

Being a military brat, there were always people coming in and out of my life. Some of the people that I have considered my closest friends have had to pack their things up and go away. One of my former friends and I got into a petty argument over something silly before she had to move away to another state. We never settled the argument before she left and I regret it to this day. She was a lesson. She taught me that you have to cherish the time you get with people while they are with you because you may not get to make it up to them later.

The first time that I was the person who had to move away from all of my friends, I was in middle school. I moved to Maryland; there, I met my best friend Leah. When we first met I was really shy because I was so new to the area. I remember wishing that I could be bold and strong willed like her. Even when I doubted myself, she always lifted my spirit and told me that I was strong too. Leah taught me so many things, but most importantly she taught me how to be a good friend, by being a good friend to me. I only lived near Leah for about two years but when I had to pack my things up and leave her behind, it felt like I was leaving a friend that I had known for a lifetime. She’s definitely one of the people that have come into my life that I consider a blessing.

After leaving Maryland, my family and I had to move to Virginia. The feeling of displacement that I felt when I had to move to Maryland came back all over again. I felt alone. I started school in Virginia my eighth grade year and I could see that people had started to form their own cliques.

One day I was sitting alone, waiting for my bus after school, when two girls randomly walked up to me and started talking to me. I couldn’t figure out why they would want to talk to the awkward new girl, but I went home so glad that they did. That day was the first day that I came home from my new school with a smile on my face.

Shortly after meeting them, my parents spit up and I needed friends more than ever. Those two girls made me smile and laugh every day. Whenever I was with them, it took my mind off of the drama that I was facing at home.  Those two girls are still two of my best friends to this day. I needed good friends and that was the reason they came into my life.

I believe that the people that come into my life have come into my life for a reason. Sometimes those people have been lessons and sometmes they have been blessings. Whether these people have changed me for the good, the bad, or did not change a thing about me, they will forever be a part of my life’s story.

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