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Single Guy Valentine’s Day

Single Guy Valentines Day
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Valentine’s Day is a beloved holiday cherished by all of those that have found that special someone in life, but for those that have not, it can be a long day to get through. Singles often dread the make-out filled hallways and public displays of affection that are commonalities on Valentine’s Day, but as single man myself the day brings about feelings similar to any other day.

The single man is not bitter nor is he jealous of the usual festivities couples take part in on Valentine’s Day. He instead takes that time to talk to friends or think about how much money he will probably be saving by staying single this year owing to the fact that to him it is just February 14th and nothing more and nothing less. In the mind of a single man, the annual “holiday” opens up an opportunity to acquaint himself with a forgot hobby or television show, or possibly pig out without a lone care of who is watching (something you could only do if you were single). Trust me, no pity parties are needed.

Valentine’s Day can be a great for everyone for multiple reasons. The single man has the perfect opportunity to find that special single woman, who will more than likely be contrarily very bitter and overtaken with jealously by not being able to take part in the commercialized love-fest that is Valentine’s Day. The celebration of St. Valentine is the perfect opportunity for the single man to make sure that this year is his last year single.

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