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Movies to Enjoy on Days Off

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In the past months, Prince George has experienced some harsh winter weather, although the time off from school has been far from harsh. In all this time off, I have had many opportunities to sleep in, relax, and enjoy the time I had off. The hardest thing that I had to conquer was time and how to spend it.

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies. I love them. I watch and quote them all the time, so as one can imagine over the break I watched an abundance of films.

I have a set of movies that I love to watch and of which I will never tire. However, over the break I decided to step away from my favorites and watch classics that I had not seen in a while and brand new movies to me. Perks of Being A Wallflower, Kiss the Girls, Wayne’s World, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, A Cinderella Story marathon, and The Way Way Back. 

Perks of Being A Wallflower is a movie that I had been dying to see for a really long time. I finally got my hands on a copy, and I can officially say that my life has been changed. The movie was insightful, real, and funny- qualities that you cannot find in movies these days. I appreciated that, and I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It was absolutely brilliant.

Kiss the Girls is a suspense thriller movie that is based off the novel by James Patterson. I had read the novel earlier in 2013, but I had not seen the movie since I was very young. The book was still pretty fresh in my head, so I decided that I would watch the movie and compare it to the book. I thought the book was better because it captivated me more. The movie was okay, but the book actually freaked me out a little.

Wayne’s World is a classic from the 90s that I absolutely love. I think it is so funny, and it is one of my favorite films to quote. It stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, and together the two are comedic geniuses.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights is another classic movie. It is a Mel Brooks spoof of the Robin Hood tales. It has very modern elements that are huge anachronisms for the time of which the movie is set, which is the Medieval Ages, when King Richard the Lionheart was on the throne. These elements combined with the characters make this movie one of my favorites.

While on break, ABCfamily showed the Cinderella Story movies. After the movies that I had previously watched, I figured it was high time to watch “class A” chick flicks. In my opinion the first installment, like in many other cases, is the best. Nothing quite beats the romance of Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. My second favorite is the third installment of the series, which stars Lucy Hale, and finally rounding out the last of the group is the second film Another Cinderella Story, staring Selena Gomez.

The last film I watched was The Way Way back. This film was also meaningful to me. It matched the quality of Perks, in that it was insightful and funny and, in my opinion, pegged my generation in this particular time of adolescence. It was definitely one of the best movies that I have watched in a long time.

The time off from break was absolutely wonderful, and if more time off is in the near future, I recommend taking a day to sit back and watch any of these movies.


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