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Captain Phillips: Movie Review

By: Samantha Daniel

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Captain Phillips premiered in theatres on Friday, October 11 with a PG-13 rating. This action-packed film “based on a true story,” brings to life the battle between Captain Phillips and Somali pirates that occurred in 2009.

Captain Phillips is on high alert as he navigates the merchant ship, MV Maersk Alabama through areas known for their pirate attacks. After receiving warnings of pirate activity, drills are reviewed and eyes are opened, waiting for any sign of danger. When Phillips and his crew enter Somali waters, they become aware that the prospect of encountering pirates is no longer impossible-  it is reality. Shortly after entering the waters, the ship is hijacked by four pirates. Phillips remains level-headed and calm, even after he loses control of the ship. With no protection, other than their own bodies and familiarity with the ship, all Captain Phillips and his crew can do is keep hope and wait for help. When Phillips is taken hostage by the pirates, he begins to form a relationship with them, figuring out why they do what they do and attempting to make them rethink their plan.

Will the pirates succeed? Will Captain Phillips and his crew be saved?

This movie and familiar story, watched by thousands of shocked Americans in 2009, gives viewers an insight into modern pirating and the effects it has on international trade.

This heart-jerking and emotional movie will have its viewers on the edge of their seats.

Captain Phillips makes pirate attacks finally seem more realistic and closer to home. It modernizes and brings to life the infamous “pirate”, normally associated with Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow; pirates are real, not just cartoon characters, and are very dangerous.

Head to your nearest movie theatre to experience a life-changing story and find out how the it ends.

This movie is fresh and a true masterpiece. It receives an A+ rating.

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