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Franchise localizes in Colonial Heights


Sweet Frog’s popularity increases as customers enjoy the self serve frozen yogurt. On Dec. 28, Colonial Heights introduced a new story of the growing business.

Photos and story by Courtney Taylor

With lines growing outside the door at Sweet Frog in Chester, the owners decided to open a new franchise in Colonial Heights. The new Sweet Frog opened on Dec. 28, at 4 PM, in the Kmart shopping center near Southpark Mall.

Sweet Frog is a growing frozen yogurt chain. Each restaurant is set up with a wall of several flavors of self serve frozen yogurt. After filling up a cup with a favorite flavor, a long bar of toppings follows. Customers can put as many toppings as they desire to make their individual dessert exactly how they want it. Finally the cup is weighed and is payed for by the ounce.

The new location in Colonial Heights has more seating, and many Prince George students have wolfed down a cup of Sweet Frog in the past two weeks.

“I have already been 5 times,” Dax Ellison said. “I love it because there is a lot more space.”

In a survey of 65 students, 74% like Sweet Frog, and 63% plan to go more often now that it is closer. Throughout the students who participated in the survey, cake batter was the most popular flavor, along with strawberry and cappuccino. Sweet Frog also has holiday flavors like gingerbread, pumpkin, and eggnog, which are only available at limited times.

Sweet Frog’s goal is to serve the freshest product possible, but to also put out a message.

“Sweet Frog is a Christian based organization. FROG stands for Fully Rely On God,” manager April Green said.

For the students who are looking for a job at the new Sweet Frog, they are currently not accepting applications. Although they are suggesting that interested people should follow them on Facebook at ‘Chester Sweet Frog’ and they will announce on their site when they will begin hiring.

“We want to provide the cleanest environment, the most wholesome environment, the most friendly and safe environment, for all of our customers. We’re always striving for excellence,” Green said.

Currently, out of the seven owners of the Chester/ Colonial Heights branch of Sweet Frog, only some of them want to expand. There may just be another Sweet Frog in the area in the near future.

“Team Sweet Frog!” sophomore Mandi Cummings said.

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  • S

    Sarah Beth HowardMar 29, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    My sister first introduced me to the Sweet Frog in Chester one summer when my family was camping at Pocahontas State Park near that shopping center. Since then, my family has been greatly devoted to making a point to stop by and get some frozen yogurt when we are near, but now that we have one closer, every time we go to Colonial Heights, it seems like we have to stop at Sweet Frog. It also greatly pleases me that Sweet Frog is sticking to the Christian morals because Chic-fil-A and Sweet Frog have a great customer service record that sometimes seems to coincide with the morals that many Christian chains bring to the table. Also, when youth from my church went to the National Catholic Youth Convention this past November, we decided to show our Sweet Frog pride, wear Sweet Frog t-shirts, and tell people from all over the country about what Sweet Frog is. You can imagine some of the faces we got at times, but Sweet Frog was so happy that we wanted to wear them. Sweet Frog makes a great eating experience, but it also stands up to its motto: Fully Rely On God.

  • M

    Megan JonsonMar 28, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    I could not be happier that there is now a Sweet Frog in Colonial Heights! Now everyone can get their frozen yogurt fix a lot closer to home! This location defiantly has more space than others. I am also extra excited because not only do they have my two favorite flavors, strawberry and New York cheesecake, but they have them right next to each other so I can mix the wonderful treat! I have been to the new one in Colonial Heights a few times and had great experiences; I have not had to wait in a lot of long lines either. However, several times I was planning on going I could not because they had already closed. I feel like they would get a lot more service if they stayed open later especially on Friday and Saturday because that is when most teenagers are out and about. Hopefully in the summertime they will be open more because then there is more of a demand for frozen treats.

  • J

    Jordan ThompsonMar 25, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    At last, there is a Sweet Frog closer than Chester! It is great to hear about the latest Sweet Frog, but what’s even more great is the sweet delight of their frozen yogurt. The first time i went to the new Sweet Frog, I was amazed at how much more space this facility has compared to the downsized location in Chester. The staff at Sweet Frog is made up of wonderful individuals that put your needs first and theirs second. Both times that I have been the manager has taken my trash as well as made sure that each table was wiped off once customers left, bathrooms were clean, and the yogurt machines were full. Sweet Frog is a growing franchise that is not only tasty, but inspiring because of its message.

  • M

    Matthew SchneckMar 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    For so long, Prince George has been called the place with nothing to do, but the recent increase of teenager tailored businesses has led to this becoming a misnomer. It is good to see that small businesses are sprouting in our area not only because we as students now have places to hang out, but because it demonstrates the steady improvement in the economy. It would be interesting to see the pricing information (the price per ounce) but besides that, the article is quite informative and meets its purpose.