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Column: Holiday Season Elicits Gratefulness

By Faven Butler

As the holidays approach, I am blessed to say I can enjoy spending time with my family next to the Christmas tree as the fireplace keeps us warm. These are some of the most memorable moments of my childhood. Unfortunately, unlike so many of us as a student body, not every child gets a chance to experience the happy moment of unwrapping a brand new phone, iPod, laptop, or other popular gift. It is not fair that some child will not enjoy a big dinner with their family and get to play with their presents afterwards. Many will still be hungry on Christmas day. Many will wish they had toys to play with or even a family to spend the day with.

Keeping this in mind, it is important that we do as much as we can to make somebody less fortunate than ourselves happier than they would have been before. I have worked with the Elf Helpers Organization in the past to assist with packaging food in boxes for the poor. Clubs like Mu Alpha Theta and Beta are supporting Elf Helpers this Christmas. Beta Club will be buying gifts as well as providing families dinner fixings. Mu Alpha Theta is working on filling stockings with small gifts such as stuffed animals, coloring books, candy, and other toys or games.

Hopefully, we will all enjoy another Christmas this year. It would be nice to share the feeling of waking up that morning to presents under the tree, cookies and milk, and parents to hug for granting most, if not all, of your wishes. We may not be able to give every child in the world a Merry Christmas, but we can do what we can to have one less child unhappy on such a special day.

It is important to remember that while many of us teenagers are wishing for a new car from our parents, there is another child wishing for the parents themselves.

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