Photo Gallery: One Act Play ‘Rabbit’

'Rabbit' by David Foxton A pathetic group of children who survived a nuclear attack attempt to make a life and a community for themselves with little sophistication of language and communication and the continual threat and fear of intruders and illness.

Teenage Slang Evolves Through Decades

Hover over the red dots to see how teenage language has changed over the years.   Images courtesy of:,,,,, and

This I Believe: Love conquers all By Sydney Arnold Love conquers all, this I believe. Love is such a small, simple word. It is often paired with two other small, simple words and some throw them...

Actor Joe Wiegand Brings President Roosevelt To Life

Roosevelt (portrayed by actor Joe Wiegand) has a mission to educate and inform history students about his life and tasks he accomplished as president. Students enjoyed his visit because it helped them realize the hardships and challenges of being the president.

Photo Gallery: “Timeless” Fashion Show

The fashion show Timeless was held on April 1, 2011. Preparation for the show had been going on since February 1. Preparation included nonstop practice, choreography, and seam and...