Choir Director Storm Burks welcomes guests to the holiday concert and introduces the first ensemble. Burks and his ensembles have been preparing for this concert since September. Photo by Annie Lin.

Beautiful notes flew through the air as the stress mounted within the music room walls. Director Storm Burks prepared for the performance.

The choirs worked hard to impress the crowd at their concert on Thursday, December 12. They took advantage of not only the learning opportunities that arose, but also the bonding moments that they shared.

“My whole philosophy of concerts is that they are a celebration of all the hard work we have done so far, and of the season,” Burks said.

Burks strives to teach his students to not only show off their work, but to celebrate it. He believes there are strategies to successfully managing a choir like his. 

“There’s a sense of balance, there’s a sense of discipline, respect and love for your fellow chorus members and people in your class that has to be evident for success,” Burks said.

It’s not always easy being in a choir, much less being a teacher of so many choirs at once. There are many small details that play a crucial role in any part of the choir. Without these one won’t be able to learn how to sound beautiful and harmonized on stage.

“I think we’ve done a lot of improving since the beginning of the year,” sophomore Rose Braun said.

Braun could easily agree with anyone who has been there when they first practiced. There was no bond and little background of working together before then. Through the time they’ve had though, the choir has learned how to sing together successfully and raise the bar each class period. 

Junior Gavin Toney has seen how Burks has been raising the standards for “DoBros” (the nickname for the all men’s choir) in hopes they will grow closer and grow together.

“He always tells us he’s proud of us but that there’s always room for improvement,” Toney said.

Toney explained how Burks continues to push everyone harder and has witnessed major growth in his choir due to Burks and his motivational skills and assets.

Senior Deryl Gensler has enjoyed his experience with his new choir and is anticipating whatever else the journey might have in store.

“When you’re in a class and you share jokes and you share memories, it’s kinda like family,” Gensler said.

Even throughout the hard work and stress, Gensler has found many bonds and memories that he will continue to cherish in his heart. Choir has been a place of emotional growth and relationships with other people since he joined the “DoBros”.

“When you become part of any choir at Prince George High School, the first thing that hits you is family,” Toney said.