Coming from the temperate, forested Tacoma, Washington, senior Heidi Crane moved to mild-climated Virginia last year. Crane is an avid singer, and she loves to travel.

Crane attends Prince George High School and hopes to establish a career in media production after high school. She sometimes struggles in math, but is a talented singer and has even performed two solo songs. 

“I wasn’t really scared. I just, I was happy, if anything, because I loved [singing] since I was little,” Crane said.

Although she has a natural talent in choir, Crane has more trouble in math; however, there is one part of math she really enjoys.

“[I like] the math problems that are puzzles because they’re fun,” Crane said.

Crane and her family take many vacations. They recently traveled to Jamaica.

“We usually take a road trip,” Crane said. “When my family’s together, we usually drive to places and sing along to music on the radio.”