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Straight A’s, Being at School Every Day, Enjoyed by Emily Hannuksela

Straight As, Being at School Every Day, Enjoyed by Emily Hannuksela

PGHS sophomore Emily Hannuksela strides her way into the new school year with big goals and high hopes. Hannuksela has goals and plans for her sophomore year of high school, and she knows just how she’s going to reach every one of them. 

 She knows a lot about math because of how easy it is for her to pick up on things, starting in Algebra 1. It’s especially easier for her since there’s normally only one way to solve most math problems. 

“I would consider myself an expert at math,” Hannuksela said.

Hannuksela explained that her skills at math were good for the career that she wants when she older, which is a pharmacist. She wants to help heal people when they’re hurting and sick. 

“One of the biggest times when I was failing at math was when I was trying to understand quadratic equations,” Hannuksela said.

Hannuksela has tried very hard to understand sports but she’s come out clueless. No matter how much she tries, she just can’t understand the rules or how it works. 

“People have tried to explain it to me, but I just don’t understand it,” Hannuksela said. 

For Hannuksela’s 2019-2020 school year, she strives for straight A’s and perfect attendance. To reach straight A’s, she plans to study hard, specifically for history because she struggles there the most. After a little bit of thinking, Hannuksela explains a little bit more of her goal towards perfect attendance.  

“I’ve never had perfect attendance before,” Hannuksela said. It’s very important that she reaches it before she graduates in 2022, and she plans to work hard and avoid any sickness to be able to reach it.

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