The movie Life of Pi was originally a book written by Yann Martel, and published in 2001. It is about a boy Piscine Molitor Patel, also known as Pi, played by Suraj Sharma, and later Irrfan Khan. His family owned a zoo in India when they were forced to close the zoo down. Leaving behind the girl he loved, he has to movie to America, with all the zoo animals to open a zoo there. They are a Japanese cargo ship, when one storm night the ship starts to go down. Pi was on the deck so he had a chance to escape onto an emergency raft. In the end he was the only one that got on. His family, animals, and the ship workers all drowned. Four animals: a tiger, zebra, orangutan, and hyena mange to get on the raft. Slowly the zebra, orangutan, and hyena die, leaving Pi and the tiger that was named Richard Parker. The story is about the journey Pi and the tiger take. To be safe from the tiger, Pi builds a little raft for him and keeps it roped to the big one so the tiger can not get to him. Pi and Richard Parker fight for survival until they reach the shore of Mexico. The movie is a flashback, and he is telling his story to someone that wants to write about Pi’s journey. The movie was a emotionally epic journey. I thought it was a great movie that everyone in the family can watch together and enjoy it. The actors did a great job showing the different emotions and also their acting was great. Ang Lee did an exceptionally good job directing the movie. I would recommend it as a good movie to watch.