This I believe, why I am the way that I am; it’s funny how people always have an execute why they are the way that they are. As for me it’s not so much as an execute more like a little summary of my life. I find it interesting how people think I’ve never been through any trials and or tribulations, in my life, well I have. As people say what you go through in life “it can make you or it can break you”.

Growing up wasn’t so easy for me in fact it was a major challenge for me. My family and I moved from place to place, financial reasons were a factor so it was a while before we had a stable home. When I was thirteen my mom and I were forced out of our home, in other words “we were kicked out” of the only home I really ever knew. We were homeless and had no where to go. Even then it felt like my world was caving in. My mom working crazy hours to get us back on our feet it was just becoming all too much.

Growing up I was picked on all my life. I use to come home every day from school and cry to my mom, but not too often because I didn’t want her to get upset. Kids would pick on me, tease me, lie on me, anything –they could to mess with me; they even threw rocks at me. I could never understand why people, my own peers would treat me like that in such a way that would tear up myself-esteem, my trust for others. My mom always had a word of encouragement to give me she would say “Baby, God has a way of turning things around and working them for our good”. School was always and has been a consist struggle for me. Teaches have always doubting me tell my mother and I that I would never make it, very few teaches ever believed in me. But I refused to go down without a fight, I fight mentally and struggle every day to prove my teaches and many others wrong, including myself.

My mom has always been both my father and mother; my father was never in my life, when growing up, in fact the only real time I remember meeting him was when I was four years old. Even then I vaguely remember his face. Even though he’s never came around and step up to the plate, I hold no hatred towards my father. I only hope that one day soon he will come and be the father that I’ve always wanted and needed him to be in my life: loving and caring.
When I was eight years old I gave my life to Christ, ever since then my relationship with God has grown stronger and stronger each and every day.

I always remember to put God first in my life in everything I do in my talent, my school work, with my family and even friends. I guess what the whole point of my life story experiences is that; no matter where you come from or what you’re circumstances maybe or have been is that, it’s up to you to make the difference in your life. Believe it or not you are your own worst enemy, you’re the only one that can stand in the way of your dream, just keep faith because God won’t let you down. In spite of what I’ve been through I have faith and I keep a smile on my face and joy in my heart, because I know God has me and there is purpose for my life. These trials and tribulations that have come in my life just came to make me stronger.

“It can make you or break it can break you”. It’s made me who I am today this I believe why I am the way that I am.