This I believe, that all that glitters is not gold. When I was a child I always wanted an older sibling, the one you could depend on, the one you could always have around for advice because they have already been through it. Although there were always the random rants about it, I still wanted to have that. So I started “Adopting” people as older siblings, however I was looking in the wrong crowd for support.


I began talking to a neighbor of mine who was considered to be one of the “cool girls”. At first it was great I got to be in the group that “knew” about everything first. We would plan the event that everyone wanted to be invited to, but I didn’t realize that while I was enjoying the spotlight the crowd, I was with a crowd that was shunning those that didn’t fit into their cookie cutter ideal for a person.


After a while I began to see the real girl behind the mask that I looked up to, that seemed to be one of the nicest girls in the world but turned out to be something much different than what was expected. She began to give in to peer pressure and do things that she usually wouldn’t like drinking and smoking.  During this time period it seemed as if the worst she acted the “cooler” she would become. She began to be rude and spiteful to the ones that were doing all that they could to help her. She was slowly beginning to spin out of control, her grades dropped drastically, but she seemed as if she no longer cared.


One day she had gone too far. She went to a party where there was no one to supervise them and one of her “friends” turned the “in crowd” against her. At that moment, she realized how she had hurt all the people close to her and apologized to all of the individuals that she hurt. She started getting her life back together but she had to work even harder to get things back to normal, and even harder than anyone else she ever knew because of her reputation. She thought that drinking and smoking was the only way to be seen in a good light but had to face the reality that it really didn’t. All that glitters is not gold, this I believe.