I believe in finding your voice. I believe expression is the most important part of life.

I express myself through my music. Creating an escape for my thoughts was always a struggle, but as I began to develop my voice and meet with a vocal coach, I found something greater than description.

I remember trying to talk with my dad about normal things, and how awkward it seemed for him. My dad always had been difficult to talk to. He was just kind of… to himself when it came to feelings. That is, until he picked up his guitar every night. He’d play so loud I could hear him across the house. At first, it was rather… nerve-wracking. Then I realized it was his way of telling us how he was feeling.

Now, we make music together. It’s the only way we communicate almost flawlessly. I can’t always reach the low notes of his favorite songs, and he can’t always figure out the right chords for mine. But we work together, and we’ve developed a bond most fathers and daughters can’t share.

I believe in communication, no matter what method you use. This, I believe.