Some time ago reporters did a slideshow on the current animal shelter and interviewed its director and workers. This past board meeting of supervisors the vote finally passed to go ahead with the funding of construction of a new facility.

Here is a look back at the story.


  1. I am so happy that this has finally been approved.Now so many other animals can be saved.

  2. The slideshow is great. I am finally glad they came to a compromise on building the shelter. I am happy the abandoned animals will have a place to call home. Now when I am looking for a pet I won’t have to drive way out to get to an animal shelter.

  3. I’m glad the new animal shelter has been approved! It always makes me want to go adopt a dog when I see pictures because they are so cute!

  4. I’m glad that this new shelter was finally approved so more animals will be able to be saved. Also a good job was done on this slideshow, it was very informative and well done.

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