Photos by Mandy Lockhart

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  1. I think the military ball is great. It rewards the JROTC students of all their hard work. They are very disciplined And work hard. They always stay after to train and work on their routines for competitions.

  2. I attended the military ball this year and it was a lot of fun.It’s nice to let the JROTC kids get somthing special just for them.It was really cool seeing them all dolled up.

  3. The military ball is a great function to award the cadets for their achievement. This is their one night to have fun because they are occupied throughout the year with their endeavors. Every day I walk by the JROTC classroom I always wonder why in the world I did not took that class. Looking at the slideshow makes me wonder even more.

  4. The Millitary Ball is a good function for JROTC students, so im glad it was covered. Also, Mandy did a good job of capturing the atmosphere of the millitary ball.

  5. The military ball is something I’ve always been interested and I’m sure a lot of people are interested as well. This offers a little insight as to what happens at the ball.

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