By Ciara Ward

Art is means of expressing oneself; whether it’s painting, drawing, or doodling art is beautiful. It’s a class that most students take because they can have fun and be themselves. It takes a real spiritual, enthusiastic person to teach it. Sally Meadows, a student at Longwood University, is working to be this special person as a student teacher.

“I love doing art, so it can’t get much better than teaching it to students that are eager to learn,” Meadows said.

Even though she doesn’t like waking up so early, she hopes to substitute for the remainder of the semester. She also has future plans to obtain a teaching position in Northern Virginia.

Meadows says that her teacher, Tonya Mahaffey, has been extremely supportive throughout her experience at PGHS, especially when it came to her acclimating to the new environment.

“She has been an excellent resource when I needed project ideas or behavior management strategies,” Meadows said.

Meadows is familiar with the area having graduated from Hopewell High School in 2006. The Blue Devil graduate says the best memory of this experience will be the bonds that she created with students and the moment when she knew the students became comfortable asking for help and advice.


  1. I didn’t know anything about Ms. Meadows. I have seen her in the art rooms a few times while I’m in Ms. Eliades art class, but I didn’t know why she was there. This is pretty cool.

  2. I didn’t know anything about Ms. Meadows either. I haven’t even seen her around. But I think it’s great that she has the opportunity to student teach at our school. Art really is beautiful and I wish her the best of luck in her career.

  3. I had the privilege of having Ms. Meadows in my art class. She was really nice and pretty helpful too. Hopefully her time at PGHS was enjoyable and a good learning experience.

  4. I did not know of Ms.Meadows, so this was informative, but also i admire her for being so dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching others the beauty of art- I wish her the best of luck in her career.

  5. I did not have any knowledge of Ms.Meadows. I think that is great what she is doing here. It is really inspiring to see someone so passionate about their craft.

  6. Like most of the other commenters, I don’t know Ms. Meadows and I haven’t seen her. However, I think it is really great that she wants to get real experience by student teaching first before she applies for a full time teaching position.

  7. I think its pretty cool how she is working so hard to become a good art teacher. This school seems to bring in alot of those and i give Ms. Meadows serious congrats on wanting to become a high school art teacher. I think its a great thing to watch young artist develop their skill. I can see it as being very rewarding and also it takes a woman with great patience for a job like this. I feel like from what ive seen of her that she could be a good teacher so thanks Ms. Meadows.

  8. The quick information about Ms. Meadows is straight to the point. It is nice to see Prince George have open arms to people willing to come and use us a learning experience. It is great for her as an artist to want to expand her horizons.

  9. I was not aware that there was a Ms.Meadows currently teaching at the school. It is nice to have new teachers come in from time to time and add a new thing or two to the way our school opperates.

  10. I do not know Ms. Meadows, but I think it is really cool that she is teaching art. I think it is important that students pursue a job that they really enjoy.

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