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Students Present Art At Annual Spring Fling

Junior Annabelle Starr at Spring Fling working on her painting. Starr worked on the piece throughout the event. Photo by Emily Hannuksela.

Art Club President Works With Department To Help Create Event

By Maclay Cerney

Kids of all ages run around, enjoying the artwork and booths set out with crafts and activities. Workers from art classes and clubs are occupied running their booths. At the Henna tattoo booth, Annabelle Starr is hard at work on a detailed design.

On Saturday, March 7th, the Spring Fling was held at the high school. Art from students from all grades and schools was displayed and booths were also set up with various activities. Working these booths were art teachers and volunteers from art clubs and classes. One student that worked was art club president Starr, and while this was her third year of participating, she made new memories. 

Junior Annabelle Starr displayed many pieces of her work at Spring Fling. Starr created “Euphoria and Suffusion” using acrylic paint.    Artwork by Annabelle Starr.
Junior Annabelle Starr displayed many pieces of her work at Spring Fling. Starr created “Euphoria and Suffusion” using acrylic paint.    
Artwork by Annabelle Starr.

“It was memorable because we had a great turn out this year, and a ton of people were interested in the gallery we had set up,” Starr said. 

Large scale events require a lot of workers and volunteers in order to make everything run smoothly. It was critical that everyone cooperated and knew what their job was going to require of them.

“[The Spring Fling] involves working with the rest of the department,” Starr said. “It involves a lot of putting up with children and a lot of dealing with other people. It is really fun because we all come together and meet everyone.” 

Many art students volunteered to help work the Spring Fling. They do this for various reasons, and enjoy many different aspects of volunteering. 

“I am the president, so I really wanted to help the art club out,” Starr said. “I am also an art student so I felt compelled to. I really enjoy it because I just like working with little people and sharing this love with the people who come to the festival.”

Dominick Sanchez Influenced By Family To Work On Craft

Sophomore Dominick Sanchez shows his art work at the Spring Fling. The artwork was created using digital media. Photo by Nic Brown.

By Emily Hannuksela

As students, parents, and other visitors walked in through the high school doors, they were greeted with numerous pieces of colorful art on display and by sounds of cheerful singers from various schools. 

These artworks were completed by students at Prince George High School for the Spring Fling. Among these, sophomore Dominick Sanchez’s drawing was featured at the event. 

“It felt good because people could see my art and enjoy and appreciate what I did,” Sanchez said. 

Art teacher, Cindy Bell, has seen Sanchez’s artwork improve since he has been in her class. 

Sophomore Dominick Sanchez shows his art work at the Spring Fling. 
The artwork was created using digital media.
Artwork by Dominick Sanchez.

“He has been using the thought process, diving into it, and creating a deeper meaning and understanding in his art,” Bell said. 

To complete the drawing, Sanchez was inspired by a family member.

“My sister [influenced me] because she was really good at [art], so I decided to take it on,” Sanchez said. 

Art  helps Sanchez express his passion, and Bell sees this in every piece he creates. 

“For most people, art is like a therapy, or a sense of relief, and I see that in him. He uses it as not only something where he can express how he feels or what he’s thinking about, but he also uses it as a fun hobby,” Bell said. 

For Sanchez, getting ready for this event took a substantial amount of time and hard work.

“[To prepare for the Spring Fling], you go to the meetings, see what you have to do, and get your [art] ready,” Sanchez said.

The Spring Fling is held annually in order to display different types of fine arts, including singing and paintings. Sanchez knows exactly what the Spring Fling is and how others are able to enjoy it.

“It’s a place where you can go show off your artwork and just have fun with friends,” Sanchez said.

Messina Creates Art Illusions For Spring Fling

Senior Madison Messina displays her piece ‘Distortion 1’ at Spring Fling. 
Messina chose distortion for her AP theme throughout the year. 
Photo by Emily Hannuksela. 

By Heidi Crane

Walking the halls that are filled with vibrant hues of art, senior Madison Messina looks at all of the different pieces. One display shows the twisting illusions that describe Messina’s art.

The spring fling is an performing arts festival that features work from all grade levels throughout the county. Students showcase their art and perform for guests who attend. 

Students in art classes prepare for spring fling by picking out their favorite artwork they made throughout the year, they then label the work and give it to their teacher to feature. 

“We prepare artwork by matting each piece if they need to be,” Messina said.

“Distortion 1” is the first piece of Messina’s AP art portfolio. The piece was displayed in the Spring Fling.  
Artwork by Madison Messina.

Throughout the year students in Mrs. Bell’s AP studio art class based all of their projects off a chosen theme by which they will submit them. 

“I am in AP studio art so the class is based off of what I choose to have as a theme this year,” Messina said. “I chose distortion, so all the pieces I submit will in some way be distorted.” 

Spring fling has many exciting aspects, from the children’s performances, to different crafts to get involved with. Children usually look forward to this event. 

“I like seeing the kids get excited about the fine arts,” Messina said. 

Spring Fling is a tradition which will carry on for the future generations, to share the love of art with others. 

“Spring fling is important because it’s a way for the fine arts program to show off their talents, whether that be art, music or singing,” Messina said. 

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