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Confidence Rises At DECA Fashion Show

Senior Hanna Kellar walks down the DECA fashion show runway. This year Kellar is helping behind the scenes by choreographing dances and teaching the models how to walk. Photo by Monica Thompson.

As seniors Hanna Kellar and Octavyous Hodge strut down the runway of the auditorium stage, the glowing lights bounce off their bedazzled outfits causing the audience gaze in amazement. 

On March 20, 2020 DECA will be holding the 12th annual Fashion Show. This show is held for students to be able to show off their creative side when it comes to fashion and dancing.

Senior Hanna Kellar has been participating in the fashion show since her sophomore year. This year Kellar has helped with teaching confidence to the models in how to walk on the runway and she also had the job of choreographing the dance numbers that will be in the show.

“At the beginning it [the fashion show] helped me gain more confidence with myself, and it continues to do that,” Kellar said. “But now as a choreographer it helps me find a voice and allow myself to speak on my ideas and opinions when it comes to the show.”

Models and dancers participating in the fashion show have to provide and design their own outfits for the ‘runway’. 

“Mentally I’m trying to calm myself down so I don’t over stress about it, but in general I’m really just preparing by buying clothes,” Kellar said.  “To find clothes to match the theme of the scenes, I just look at what the given clothing is and the song and go from there. Depending on what the song and choreography looks like is what determines the outfits for me.”

Kellar also has to participate in the dance and model scenes. Kellar explains why the fashion show has been on her mind very frequently week’s before the show.

“It’s mainly because I’m a choreographer and I’m always planning and coming up with new ideas but I think about the show pretty frequently just because I’m excited about it.” Kellar said.

The term dress for success or dress to impress is often used to explain how what a person wears on a day to day basis is important to be able to succeed or look appealing. Kellar shares that she does not usually feel pressure to dress up for school.

“Dressing up is always for myself, personally, so I never feel the need to dress up for everyone else,” Kellar said. “Wearing something I like, whether it’s considered “dressing up” or not, is something that boosts my mood and makes me feel more confident with myself.” 

Senior Octavyous Hodge also has the job of choreographing the dance scenes in the show. Hodge shares that he does feel pressure to dress up everyday at school and on the weekends.

“Because I’m so into fashion and clothes, yes I do [feel pressure to dress up everyday],” Hodge said. “I usually want to look presentable most of the time.”

Kellar believes that a person should dress up for success. Kellar shares her real life experiences with this term.

“In DECA I’ve seen it a lot that dressing professionally takes you a long way and allows people to take you seriously and listen to you,” Kellar said. “However, dressing for success can mean anything to a person. I feel like it can be a universal term depending on the context. But I think the main thing is that dressing for success can help people be more confident in whatever they’re dressing up for.”

Hodge gives his opinion on dressing for success.

“Every book has a cover for a reason,” Hodge said. “Your appearance is the shell for everything within.”

As Kellar’s last DECA fashion show approaches, she shares what she is most excited for when the day finally comes.

“I’m looking forward to the actual show day,” said Kellar. “That’s when I get to see everything me, Ms. Beales, and the rest of the choreographer team have worked on to do for this and it’ll be the most satisfying and exciting thing. I definitely am gonna pop out as always but I’m gonna do my best to do the most this year since it is my third and final year. I definitely wanna try and make sure Ania Holmes is my walking partner for the majority of the show because we’ve been here together from the start.”

Hodge also looks forward to making the best out of his last DECA fashion show. Hodge shares what he is looking forward to on the evening of the show.

“I am looking forward to the outfits, and I just plan on making my name known as best dressed and one of the best choreographers in the school,” said Hodge.

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