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PG Players Present Shakespeare Play For Winter Show

Photo By, Christina Pope

As the beaming stage lights slowly brighten onto the PG Players, they are ready to dazzle the audience with their Shakespearean play, The Tempest. In this comedy with tragic elements, two families that were previously torn apart by betrayal and greed face sorrow, revenge, love, redemption, and forgiveness during their journey of reconciliation. The play also has magical and romantic components that tie the story line together. 

Prince George High School’s theatre program allows teenagers to break out of their shell. It also helps students form new connections with people they would normally not talk to. Junior Grace Roane, a recurring face on the high school stage, has made many friends and memories from performing in plays. 

“Being in any play makes me feel like I have a family,” Roane said.“We go out to eat after the shows, like a cast party. The bonds that we make there, the good times, and the funny inside jokes [are good memories from the play].”

Sophomore Kailey Garner is in her first year of being a PG Player. After the auditions, she was thrilled to receive the good news of her starring role in The Tempest. 

“I felt excited and thankful for the opportunity to play a leading role. I was able to continue growing my passion for theatre,” Garner said. 

Slightly out of his comfort zone but still enthusiastic, senior Antonio Carpenter was new to a play like The Tempest. 

“It was a nice experience. I haven’t really done a Shakespeare play before so it’s nice that I got to get into it in high school,” Carpenter said.

The PG Players were proud of the outcome of The Tempest after seeing their hard work and dedication pay off.

“It started off a little rocky and a little rough, but we really pulled it together. In the end, I think it was a success,” Roane said.

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