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Drought Comes To End, Football Defeats Dinwiddie 27-24 In OT

Photo by Macie Blankenship.

With 1:30 left in the fourth quarter, the Royals down 21-13, something needed to be done. After three failed attempts at a touchdown, sophomore quarterback Tahir Johnson found empty space in the pocket and took it… the first Royals touchdown since the first quarter. 

For the Royals, this was a game for the record books. For the first time since 2005, the Royals beat the Dinwiddie Generals 27-24 in overtime.

“[Our goal] was to beat Dinwiddie,” Rose said. “We were tired of losing and we were ready to win.”

The game was a long fought for victory not only for the team, but for the graduating senior class. For senior Sidney Rose, this is a milestone moment for the halfback and running back. He started the rhythm of the game with a long touchdown.

“I was looking to score and to put my boys up and get the game started,” Rose said. 

This season, Johnson has been given the keys to make plays on the field. After his touchdown, the Royals were down 21-19. The team had to make a quick decision, the best option: a two-point conversion. Johnson found Rose and he went in. 

“I was satisfied and a little bit emotional because it took me four years for me to get where I am today,” Rose said.

With a tied score, the Generals got the ball back, but got a fumble. The ball went back to the Royals. 

Going into overtime the team was not nervous of failure, but remained focused on their goal: to win the game. The Generals got the ball first in OT and scored a field goal, but the Royals weren’t done. Sophomore Curtis Allen got the ball ran in for a six yard game winning touchdown.

“I was happy for all the seniors that beat Dinwiddie,” Allen said. “It was a new feeling.”

This week, the Royals (3-1) take on Matoaca Warriors (3-1) at Matoaca High School. 

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