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Keeler Returns To Bolster Offense


Coach Justin Keeler, a former Prince George coach has recently returned from a head coaching job in Amelia. This is big news for the entire team, and although he is no longer the head coach, he still feels that he made the right decision in returning.

What made you come back to Prince George?

I left here to be a head football coach in Amelia and we had a lot of success. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but I missed my kids. I have two kids in the school system at South [Elementary] and I wanted to go watch them play rec sports and do things like that. Like last night I got to go to a soccer game on a Tuesday night I never had that opportunity at Amelia. Last night I was watching my 7 year-old play soccer and I got a lot of joy out of that. So at this point in my life, I want to be able to spend as much time as I can with my kids and when you’re a head coach unfortunately you don’t get to do that all the time so that was the most enticing thing about Prince George plus I really enjoyed my time in Prince George.

What made you want to become a coach?

My dad was a coach, so growing up all the time I spent was always in locker rooms talking to my dad. Then when I got in high school I enjoyed playing football and basketball and running track, and it was something I wanted to do in my life.

What do you plan to accomplish this year?

As I’ve gotten older, the goal for me is that every day there’s some type of growth that you see from players from day to day. Instead of focusing on results I focus on progress each day and I get more joy from that, and I also find that if you focus on that, wins tend to happen more naturally that way.

What do you love most about football?

To me it’s the greatest team sport there is because the amount of sacrifices required from each individual. It’s not easy, I think it’s probably the hardest sport to play and it requires a lot of people to work together. It requires 11 guys to work together just to get a single play to work right, so I find it incredibly challenging even after all these years. That hasn’t gone away for me so I enjoy it.

Do you plan on ending your coaching career here or not?

I do. I mean I want to see my kids graduate here and a big part of coming here was maybe it building one day to have the opportunity to coach my kids. I think that would be really special because it’s something that my dad got to do with me. So no, I don’t think I’m going to go anywhere, I enjoy it here and everyone’s been really nice to me since I came back and I enjoy it.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far as a coach?

We went to Amelia and we built the program up, we won a playoff game last year. That was really cool so I would say that as far as the greatest accomplishment.

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