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This I Believe: There Is One Special Person For Us All


This I believe… This I believe that there is one special person for us all. Many think their one special person is the person they will end up marrying and spending the rest of time with them but for me, my special person is actually two people who have influenced me from my first day into this world and will continue to until my last. My parents have always encouraged me never to limit my abilities to conquer all that I put my mind to.

For most of my life I called my mom my best friend and cried when anybody told me she wasn’t. She was always there to watch me and feed my imagination with unthinkable realities in my early stages of life when my sisters had to go to school and my dad had to work. The childhood they gave me before I started school was the best that anybody could ask for. When I did eventually start school they were there to encourage me to try my hardest from the start no matter how tough I thought it to be.

My father has always been there teaching me how to fix problems I’ll come across in life instead of relying on someone else to do it for me. One of the biggest lessons he’s taught me is to work hard to achieve what I want. He is full of lessons and advice that, I will admit, I take for granted from time to time but no matter what he is willing to help me through whatever life obstacles decide to greet me.

My favorite times with them is always talking about my future, which I know they will be apart of. One day I was sitting in the car with my dad, we were on the way to the autoparts store, as we always seemed to do. He asked me what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to achieve it. I thought for a second because now, being in high school, I was suppose to have things planned out for the most part. So when I replied I told him I had a big dream to travel around the world. Instead of bashing my dreams and telling me they were unrealistic he encouraged it. He even gave me new ideas on some of the first places to go to and how to travel cheaply so I can travel as much as I liked. He even admitted to me that when he was my age he planned to travel around the world. We shared the same dream and aspiration for our lives. I saw the aspects of life I gained from him and his influence.  

When I told my mother about my dreams she supported it with a full heart. As I explained what I wanted from my life she would smile and say “You’re just like your father!” or “Come visit us when you’re in the country some time!” I promised her that I would visit them as much as I possibly could. I know she even expects for me to bring her souvenirs each visit.

Some time later I found myself bickering with them about how I’m never allowed out of house. My mom came in as the voice of reason to calm my rash reactions of anger. “We’re just trying to spend a lot of time with you before you leave us forever. Your father and I don’t suspect that you’ll be able to see us like this once you’re grown up and on your own,” she told me. I reflect back on that before I beg to go everywhere because I enjoy spending quality time with them and I know that one day I won’t ever get times like these again. Soon my visits will only be limited because I’ll have a job to take care of and hopefully a family of my own.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that they’re supportive of my hopes and dreams and will help me out along the way. One of my biggest dreams is to make a great adventure trip with my parents once I have fulfilled a great life of traveling. My plans would be to take them to the best locations and only the best of best so they could see all the wonders I find in life.

The reason I am the women I am today because my mother and my father were there to help sculpt my personality with a strong, nurturing foundation. I’m proud to say that I have them as my parents because I know that they will help me and support me through all of life’s adventures and its mishaps. This I believe that there is a special person for everyone and mine happen to be my parents.

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