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Softball Takes Home State Trophy


Thompson Strikes Out Twelve In 11-4 Win Over Brooke Point

Sophomore right fielder Erin Miles looked up to the sky to see what was her chance at making the final out of the state championship game. As the ball met her glove, the team realized that the journey was complete as they defeated Brooke Point 11-4 on a warm June Saturday at Glen Allen High School.

Miles and other girls from the team like seniors Caitlin Abernethy and Laura Thompson, and juniors Kyla Nase and Harley Rosier, are all very proud to be a part of this moment in history.

Even with the Royals jumping out to a 7-run top of the first inning, they knew they had to play the game as if they were behind.

“I was thinking ‘State Champions Baby!’, but we still had to keep the pressure on the other team,” Miles said.

“After scoring seven in the first inning, our main goal was to maintain our focus and not let up because we knew Brook Point could hit very well,” Abernethy said.

Even with the knowledge of how well the other team plays, Abernethy was still able to have a positive attitude about the game.

“We got off the bus that morning with the mindset of getting ahead right away and everyone on the team really came out and executed early in the game,” Abernethy said.

Thompson and Rosier shared the same feelings about staying ahead and not letting the game get close.

“During the 7th inning all I could do was smile because I had faith that we were about to make history. I did not doubt for a second that… we would win a State Championship,” Thompson said.

“We just needed to stay focused,” Rosier said. “We knew this team could hit [well] so we needed to have defense behind Laura.”

Before any game, the team has a variety of helpful preparations, but the state championship was no ordinary game.

“The most helpful preparation for every game was the pre-game jamming session… it helps with the stress,” Miles said.

“We got to the school at 6:45 am to take batting practice and to prepare to get into game mode,” Nase said. “We also took a bus and listened to music on the way to get pumped up,” she added, sharing Miles’ love for pre-game tunes.

Becoming the softball state champions was the highlight of an already amazing year. The girls are able to look back fondly on not only their final game, but the whole season as well.

“We were there for each other for the highs and the lows, the good practices and the rough ones,” Rosier said.

The girls owe their success to their skills and to the bond they have – as not just a team, but a family too.

“Throughout the season we emphasized having each others’ backs on and off the field and that truly helped us in the long run.,” Abernethy said.

The Lady Royals will forever remember the moment when they realized the victory that they had worked for over the many years.

“The most defining moment of the game … was Erin’s final catch in right field,” Abernethy said. “Despite our 7-run lead at the time, it was in that moment that it hit us … we had become the program’s first state champions.”

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