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Spirit Week Commences With Meme Monday


With prom approaching this weekend, students have started participating in this year’s spring spirit week. On Monday April 23, 2018, the week commenced with ‘Meme Monday’. Students shared internet jokes by dressing up as their favorite memes. Following Meme Day were Tasty Tuesday, College Wednesday, and Duo Thursday. The week will finish up with Green and Gold Friday.

Senior Rachel Pitts participates by dressing up as Kermit the Frog, from the Muppets, drinking tea. The photo of Kermit was originally taken from a 2014 Lipton commercial. Photo by Claudia King.













Seniors Caitlin Abernethy and Christine Bartruff became the famous meme “It is Wednesday my dudes”. This video debuted on the now discontinued app, Vine. Photo by Claudia King













Sydney Heflin embodied the internet meme of a young boy with his hoodie tucked behind his ears. The boy is also doing a dance move called the whip. Photo by Kattie Iwanski.












Junior Rhiannon Dalton dresses up like the vine of a kid that gets hit by a basketball twice while screaming “yeah” and junior Rylee Hughes dresses up as the mannequin head meme. Photo contributed.



















Senior Kayla Bailey became the “a potato flew around my room before you came” vine from 2014. The line originated from a misheard Frank Ocean song lyric. Photo contributed.














Sophomore Bridget Hanscom participates on Meme Day as a woman contemplating math problems and equations. The meme is of a Brazilian actress named Renata Sorrah. Photo contributed.















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