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Graphic Novels Gain Popularity With Black Panther Movie


Graphic Novel Buzz.m4v from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

The Black Panther movie was released on February 16, 2016. The library houses graphic novels including the Black Panther and due to the popularity of this movie students have started to visit this section with more regularity.

“Graphic novels interest me in the pictures and how they move,” junior Dalton Vick said. “There are some different ways you can read them. Some are going from left to right, and some right to left.”

“My cousin is actually the one who got me started with them and it has just helped me with my life,” sophomore Tori Wilson said.

“There are millions of them out there and I have only read a good two series and there are just so many more out there,’ senior Aaron Webb said. “It is just something fun to sit down and read.”

Students read a variety of series and many of them have their own unique preferences.

“They’re fun to get lost in, it’s like you are with the character. You’re in the action scene with them or you’re in the spotlight with them,” Vick said.

“If you want your mind to wander off to unknown places and just get a good story going the one I personally would recommend is Attack on Titan,” Wilson said.

“Some people like me, when they read something, they will go halfway down the page and they will never know what they read,” Webb said. “So a graphic novel has got pictures so you can kind of watch what is happening as your are reading.”

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