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Pro/Con: Should Teachers Carry Guns In School?

Pro by Shelby Hayes:

In the past, students only concern was to save their grade, now they have to worry about saving their lives. A school is a place where students not only grow mentally and socially, but also learn about the world around them. The people who work everyday to help students are none other than the teachers.

In the recent events of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, every school in the United States has been on its toes with worry and nervousness. Teachers have the responsibility of teaching their students and protecting them during school hours.

An issue in the media is whether or not teachers should carry guns in schools. Teachers should be able to carry a gun in school in order to help protect their students against an armed intruder.

In the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, a football coach by the name of Aaron Feis threw himself in the way of flying bullets to save his students. The beloved coach was rushed to the hospital and later died from his wounds.

This teacher did not have to lose his life to save his students but he did. It is safe to say that this teacher could have lived if he was armed with a handgun.

Teachers should be able to protect the students and themselves in an intruder alert situation. They should not have to be human sacrifices when students will still get hurt after their help. Teachers should not be defenseless in a situation such as this.

Some people may argue that the job of the teacher is not to defend the students, but to share their knowledge in the classroom. Many teachers feel it is their obligation to help the students that they have grown closer to over the school year.

Many people will argue that teachers carrying guns is just as unsafe. It would not be unsafe if the teachers carrying the guns were responsible and well-respected teachers who know how to operate a gun.

Teachers should be able to protect themselves and others; therefore, they should be allowed to carry guns.

The idea of walking into a school where teachers can carry guns is alarming. The fact it is actually being considered is even more shocking.

After the shooting in Florida, President Donald Trump suggested that teachers should carry guns in schools. The controversy is, would this really solve the problem?

Con by Maddison Shawkey

The answer is no. A gun problem cannot be solved with more guns.

While it is a concern to keep the students safe, it is not the teacher’s primary job. The teachers are there to educate. They are not there to act as police officers in the incident of a shooting. Putting guns in their hands could possibly lead to disastrous events if they are not careful.

One issue with teachers carrying is that it makes them primary targets. If the shooter sees the teacher with a gun, they may shoot the teacher first, leaving the students on their own, fighting for their lives.

Another problematic situation could be that a student gets angry and knows that their teacher has a gun. If they get to a certain point they may decide to take the teacher’s gun and shoot whoever or whatever is angering them.

A frightening issue is the teacher’s reaction in a crisis. Even if the teacher has been trained for an instance of a school shooter situation, they are still liable to panic and just shoot. This could result in harming an innocent student.

President Trump has also proposed giving bonuses to the teachers who agree to carry. The problem is that some teachers can perform efficiently and others cannot. Some teachers could to be very helpful for students but aren’t able to receive a pay bonus just because of their beliefs on guns.

Trump’s idea for allowing teachers to carrying guns in schools is a step in the wrong direction. Schools need more protection from guns and more trained officers who know how to handle a school shooter emergency. They do not need unsure teachers who just want a bonus check for carrying guns in the learning environment.

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