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Video: Jajour Lambert In 94 Ft


94 feet from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

We are going 94 feet with Jajour Lambert.

CM: Alright so Jajour – growing up you played basketball, baseball, and football, what made you decide to focus on just basketball?

JL: Well my dad told me, as I got older, I should choose one sport and just chase that dream so I decided to chase the dream of basketball.

CM: Who is your favorite player to follow in the NBA?

JL: Isiah Thomas.

CM: What makes him so great? How do you model your game after him?

JL: Besides us both being short… we use our IQ and quickness to get past the defenders.

CM: So playing the saxophone… how did you learn how to play?

JL: I just mainly YouTube songs.

CM: What’s your favorite song to play?

JL: Hot Like Blink

CM: Netflix or movie theater?

JL: Movie theater.

CM: Your favvorite movie you have seen recently?

JL: King Kong: Skull Island

CM: Alright everyone this is Jajour Lambert and that was 94 feet.

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