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Student Singers Serenade Their Way to All-State

Samantha Preece and Micheal Germanos sing “Love is an Open Door” at Spaghetti Dinner

As anxious hands and talented students prepare to take a step in the next direction to their choral careers. Students from all over the state compete against each other to have a spot in the Annual All State Choir.

To get into the All State Choir, students have to audition for all district choir. All District Choir is when different districts from Virginia compete against each other for a spot in the All state Choir.

This year’s All State Choir was the 10th of February and students Sam Preece and David Knipp were the two students who made it to the All State Choir. Out of the ## of students that auditioned from Prince George, these two students were the only ones who who made it.

For Preece this is her second year competing in All District and her first time in All State, unfortunately Preece didn’t make it to the auditions of last year’s competition.

“I didn’t last year but i did this year. I didn’t want to but Mr. Burks convinced me and I had really great time,” Preece said.

For other students this year is their first year competing in both the All District and All State Choir competitions. Junior David Knipp auditioned for both for the first time this year.

“It was fun seeing all the new people; There were a lot of new people there,” Knipp said.

Like all new experiences like these, they open doors for some of the students who really want to use their voice as a career.

“What I took away from this experience was that I can work at a fast pace with a big amount of people,” Knipp said.

For this kind of an audition, many of the students were nervous and worried about their chances at making it. For Preece, her biggest obstacle was site reading. Site reading is when a performer reads a sheet of music for the first time while performing.

“I was really nervous, but like every single soprano that walked into the audition room was like ‘What was that!’ Preece said,”They were all just as confused as I was and it made me think that it wasn’t going to be as bad.”


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