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This I Believe by Nina Tran



This I believe, what goes around comes around. The things you do, your intentions, motives, and actions, will determine the intentions, motives and actions that you will receive. The idea that what you give is what you get. Karma is similar, what your actions in the present will affect your future fortunes. We use these ideas as a reminder and motivation to continue making good decisions, even when it gets hard because fate will be their consequence.   

I’ve only lived for seventeen years but I have always been an observer and enjoyed learning how things effected each other. My attention always landed on observing humans. I learned how my actions and emotions affected their actions and emotions, and how their emotions and actions affected my emotions and actions. I was always sensitive, things always had a big impact on me, which helped me learn faster from my mistakes and the mistakes I saw other people make. Emotions felt bigger than it probably was, which helped me empathize well. My empathy allowed me to understand. These processes and traits created the perfect process to bettering my personal relationships.

Through the many trials I’ve experienced, I figured the best choice was to spread kindness and compassion. It was hard but I could never bring myself to upset others and I always understood why they were upsetting me. When I stayed with my morals, I realized all the emotional, hard work I continued to put in, paid off. I began to receive the love and happiness I always craved and knew in that moment I had proven the theories of attractions. I never felt so alive and full of life, till my seventeenth birthday, the best birthday ever. All my close friends and family came to me on my birthday week with showers of love and appreciation.

In that moment, I couldn’t stop expressing my new found idea of attractions. I wanted them to know it can happen, your life can be happy if you want it to be. It takes a lot of patience and understanding, but the price will be paid back to you. Your constant patience and understanding will influence people and make them realize the devotion you’ve had for them. They will learn and want to do the same for you, as their sign of appreciation

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