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Students Celebrate Homecoming At Dance

Students filled the commons once again to hang out with friends and socialize with peers, but instead of wearing jeans and sneakers they came dressed in gowns and suits.

Senior Hannah Dankenbring, like many other seniors on Saturday night attended her last homecoming dance on Oct. 14th.

“Normally at school, you see everyone wearing their basic outfits, but it’s nice to see everyone dressed up and having a good time,” Dankenbring said.

Dankenbring enjoyed the dance and the time leading up to Homecoming. She took pictures and ate dinner with her date senior Josh Sulc before showing up Saturday night.

““I had an amazing date that was more fun. My friends and I danced more and were carefree about it,” Dankenbring said.

Other attendees had to make sure they reported to the dance on time because they were part of the homecoming court. Seniors Wallace Canada and Laura Thompson were selected by the student body to be homecoming king and queen.

“I felt great knowing that most of my peers voted for me,” Canada said. “It was a big shock – I wasn’t expecting to come anywhere close.”

Since for some it was there last homecoming dance, many had big expectations.

“I think it was better than I hoped it would be,” Dankenbring said. “It was better than the last two years.”

Right before school starts the Student Government Association has a meeting. In this meeting the members of the SGA vote on the theme of the dance. The members wanted something fun and easy to decorate.

The theme is represented by the decorated walls of the commons. This year’s wall theme was TV channels. The sophomores decorated with the idea of the Cartoon Network, juniors had Nickelodeon, and seniors had Disney Channel. Mrs. Edmundson is the head advisor for the Student Government Association.

“Everything is very stressful but I’m excited. I love to see the looks of those who won,” Edmundson said.

The tradition of a homecoming dance is one that has been around for many years now. Cindy Leonard, who is also the PTA Past President, has been in charge of setting up for the dance since 2005. Although her daughter Emily Leonard is the president of the PTA, Cindy Leonard is still involved in the dance.  

“I mainly help coordinate the security, the DJ, chaperones, and ticket sales,” Leonard said.

Leonard and the PTA members arrived around seven o’clock and started to set up. It took about 30 to 45 minutes. They also worked with 10th grade representatives to help with refreshments for the students.

Leonard stayed from the beginning of the dance to the end. She looks forward to the dance every year.

“Each year is a new adventure, it’s great to see the kids having a good time,” Leonard said.

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