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Students Anticipate Homecoming Dance


On Saturday night, Oct. 14th, the disco ball will be lowered and will reflect off of the beautiful dresses and suits that will be worn. Music will be playing and more than 400 students will be dancing the night away.

The homecoming dance will take place in the Commons and start at 8 PM. All tickets were purchased during lunches this week. There are no tickets available at the door.

“At homecoming you’ll find a fun and energetic atmosphere full of great friends,” senior Hannah Dankenbring said. “It’s bittersweet – I am looking forward to it because it is a really fun time, but I will definitely miss not being able to go next year.”

Dankenbring has been going to the dance since her sophomore year. Other students like Amanda Harris are attending their first homecoming dance this year. Harris is a sophomore and is excited for homecoming.

“Yes, I’m very excited to see all my friends dressed up and having fun together,” Harris said.

For decades, Prince George has thrown a homecoming dance. Cindy Leonard, who is also the PTA pass-president, has been in charge of setting up for the dance since 2005. Although her daughter Emily Leonard is the president of the PTA, Cindy Leonard is still involved in the dance.

“I mainly help coordinate the security, the DJ, chaperones, and ticket sales,” Leonard said.

Leonard and the PTA members get to the high school around seven o’clock and start to set up. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the arrival of the DJ, to get things all up and running. They will be working with 10th grade representatives to help with refreshments for the students.

Leonard stays from the beginning of the dance to the end. She looks forward to the dance every year and cannot wait for this year.

“Each year is a new adventure, it’s great to see the kids having a good time,” Leonard said.

As it has been for many years, IDs are required, along with your ticket, to get into the dance.

Right before school starts the Student Government Association has a meeting. In this meeting the members of the SGA vote on the theme of the dance. The members wanted something fun and easy to decorate and this year’s wall theme is TV channels. The sophomores have Cartoon Network, juniors have Nickelodeon, and seniors have Disney Channel.

To prepare for this year’s homecoming, the SGA pumps up the spirit with spirit week. The day before the homecoming dance students wear green and gold to show school spirit. Marcia Edmundson is the adviser for the Student Government Association. Like the students, Edmundson is very excited about the dance.

“Everything is very stressful but I’m excited. I love to see the looks of those who win [king & queen],” Edmundson said.


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