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Prince George Baseball Faces Hanover


This Thursday, the PG Royals Undefeated Baseball team will face Hanover, yet another undefeated team

On Thursday, May 18th, the baseball team will face Hanover. What makes this game so special is both teams, Hanover and Prince George, have been undefeated in this year’s season. Whoever wins this game not only can keep the undefeated title, an honor few schools have, but they will also bring great pride to their school.

Sophomores Justin Starke and Buck Forbes have been playing baseball for quite some time. They believe that this is a great team that can take on any challenge that comes their way. This is why they are not phased by this upcoming game and have no doubt that they will bring home the victory tomorrow.

“I’m not really worried, we’re just going to take it like every game we play. Just one game at a time,” Starke said.

This whole season, the team has been working hard to ensure their victories. With endless practices, each individual has strengthened their abilities which has led them to previous victories for Prince George.

“We’ve been working hard at practice, everybody has been hustling,” Forbes said.

The Royals are truly confident in their abilities but like most things in life, they also see things to improve on in order to make sure that their win is guaranteed. Forbes goes on to explain what he thinks the team can improve on.

“We need to improve on our hitting; we have not been hitting like we should be,” Forbes said.

Aside from that, the Royals do not see much they need to change. In their opinion, they just need to keep up with what they’ve been doing the past games.

Forbes and Starke both have ideas as to what will be the key to victory in tomorrow’s game.

“If we all just stay who we are and don’t try to be anyone else and we just play our game, then there’s no doubt we will win,” Starke said.

Forbes agreed, concluding with a few final words.

“Everybody just has to play their role and try their best,” Forbes said.

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