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Top Six Define Tennis Team


The Royals Tennis Team permits its players by giving them a place to relax and unwind after school. It helps give them a peace of mind. The sport makes the kids more active and less anxious about school.

Unlike most sports such as softball, baseball, basketball, and football, tennis is considered to be a quiet sport. There are not many fans cheering and holler for their team to get the most points and become the winner. Nor are there any cheer teams to give the athletes an extra boost of confidence. Just the sound of a tennis ball bouncing from one side of the tennis court, to the other side.

Although, the tennis team has a goal that is common to most of the other sports teams: to encourage students to be more active and to have a healthier lifestyle.
Their practices are fun and exciting. The practices allows the kids to work on their forehand and backhand techniques. The warm-ups helps to relax and prepare the players’ muscles for their vigorous activities.

“We keep things very relaxed. We practice our skills and I trust my boys to do their best and the results are what they are,” tennis coach Matt Weston said.
The Royals Tennis Team has a special unit called the Top 6. The Top 6 is composed of the strongest players on the team. The Top 6 are so formidable, that when the tennis match begins, they’re practically guaranteed victory.

“Top 6 are the best six players on the team. When they play other schools, their matches count towards conference,” Sophomore Sudie Halder said.

Being chosen to be on the Top 6 makes the athletes feel very fortunate to be considered one of the best athletes on the team. Although, it can be quite stressful trying to get the team to advance to the next round.

“It can be stressful being in Top 6 at times because the matches you play count for your team. But it is fun playing against people at your skill level,” Halder said.

Tennis coach Matt Weston is very proud of his team for winning a substantial number of games and tournaments. He also yearns for his team to give it their all in every tournament. The tennis team also wants to defeat their greatest rival: Clover Hill.

“The season is going well. We are currently 6-3 on the season,” Weston said.

The sports coach helps to relax and prepare his team by taking things one step at a time. He considers it key for players to feel free and to focus their energy on playing tennis.

“As for lessons, I just want them to relax and enjoy playing,” Weston said.

Ever since tennis was first introduced, it has evolved in some ways. For instance, athletes are playing a variety of sports and gaining new skills as well. This allows the players to be multi-talented and well rounded in all areas.

“It is a different era for PG tennis. It used to be that most of the team only played tennis and that is okay. But we now find ourselves with mostly multi sport athletes; Wrestlers, golf, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and football players. They all bring a different skill set with them. But that is the fun of coaching, I get to show them how their skills for other sports is applied to tennis. I like the change and hope we continue to have anyone who wants to learn come out,” Weston said.

The tennis team is like a family and welcomes anyone who wants to join them. The players get along very well with each other. The sports team considers teamwork the key to success.

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