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Prom, After Prom Details Revealed


With the changing of the seasons, Spring brings many promising events. Two events that Spring has many Prince George students anticipating are prom and after prom.

Many students and staff are excited for the occasions, already going out to buy supplies and attire.
According to several PGHS students, these events seemed to have been on students’ minds since the start of the year.

Despite how fast the night seems to go by, it takes a lot of planning from both the PTA and the student organized prom committee.

The two teams have been working hard day and night to ensure all goes as planned. Each student and staff member has dedicated many hours of their lives to ensure that all events go as planned and everyone’s safety is ensured.

Whilst not all the details about the events can be revealed, Senior Jessica Phillips, a chair spokesman for prom committee, has a few basic facts about prom that she wants people to know.

“Prom will be taking place at the Old Town Civic Center in Petersburg. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and prom starts at 8:00 p.m. ending at midnight,” Phillips said.

Maci McCormack, another senior and member of prom committee, was elated to explain this year’s theme as well as give readers a sneak peek as to what to expect at prom.

“The theme is around the world (Royals Worldwide) and the tickets are passports. The students will be able to get different stamps on it at prom and at after prom! Students can expect many things this year. We will have many different types of food there and a new DJ. DJ’s will be inside and outside to give us more room to dance. We are very excited for prom this year because we are certain it will be one of the best Prince George has had so far,” McCormack said.

Whilst prom is typically reserved for just juniors and seniors, unless their dates are of a different grade, after prom includes sophomores. Cindy Leonard, a member of the Royals PTA staff, went on to share some crucial details about after-prom.

“Just like last year, after prom is expected to be at Swaders. Around four hundred students are expected to attend this year, about the same as the year before if not a bit more,” Leonard said.

“After prom will take place April 29th from eleven o’clock in the evening to four o’clock in the morning. If you desire attending, tickets will be sale from April 25th through April 28th during lunch blocks. The tickets cost a total of fifteen dollars and in order to purchase, you must have a student I.D.”

“With your newly purchased ticket, all the games will be free to play for the night. Be sure you bring your card to Swaders in order to get these benefits. All activities at Swaders will be open for students to operate on with the exception of the go-kart driving range. Food will also be provided throughout after prom,” Leonard said.

The exciting nights are only a few days away and with that in mind, here are some tips to ensure that prom and after prom goes as planned.

Go there early and already have everything prepared the night before the big night. Not only that but pay attention to your surroundings and make sure to not make dumb mistakes that may ruin your night.
The most important tip of them all is to have fun. These are memories that you will look back on years later and you should cherish the moment.

For future inquiries, contact your local prom committee members, PTA members, or Royals News Staff. They will be happy to assist you in ensuring your night goes as planned.

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